Appliance Scalability

Scale up by adding storage expansion units OR scale out by adding virtually unlimited appliance nodes to increase performance and storage

Scale Up (Vertical Scaling)

Add hundreds of drives & terabytes of storage with storage expansion units (EBODs)

All XS-Series and XD-Series appliances (12-bay or higher) support storage expansion using EBODs. With support for 12 to 60 drives, the EBODs can seamlessly add more storage capacity in a plug & play setup. The number of supported drives (or EBODs) vary depending on the hardware configuration.

As a general rule of thumb, integrated appliance can support 256 drives whereas HA appliances can support up to thousands of drives. To find out the supported number of drives (or EBODs) for a specific appliance, contact us.

Scale Out (Horizontal Scaling)

Add virtually unlimited number of appliance nodes to increase performance & storage simultaneously

All appliances, regardless of the series (I-Series, D-Series, XS-Series, or XD-Series), and appliance configuration (integrated or HA), can scale out to as many nodes as you need. You can start from a few terabytes and scale out to petabytes of storage capacity and proportional performance capabilties. 

For more information about appliance scalability, contact us

HA Appliance Scalability

Individually scale performance & storage capacity – No forklift upgrade needed!

The high availability (HA) appliance configuration enables you to increase performance and storage capacity individually.

To add more performance, you can connect more storage or HCI controllers.

To add more storage capacity, you can add more expansion units.

To increase both performance and storage capacity (scale out), you can add another HA appliance node to the system.

For more information about appliance scalability, contact us.

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