Cloud Solutions

Storage in Azure, AWS, other S3 clouds – includes cloud backup & DR bundles.

Affordable & Scalable Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Storage in Micorosoft Azure

(Microsoft Azure government cloud also supported)

Provision NAS, SAN or unified storage in Azure cloud and leverage high performance cloud repositories for file storage or block-level storage. 

Store cold tier or backup data and/or archive data for years in affordable, secure, & highly scalable cloud storage repositories.

Government contractors and departments can also leverage Azure government cloud for their confidential data storage. For more information, contact us. 

Storage in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Setup highly available and durable S3 object storage repositories in AWS cloud. Store cold tier or backup data, or archive data for years in secure and compliant offsite storage repositories. 

You can also leverage the S3 object storage to store data for your VMs, databases, and other applications.  

Storage in Other S3 Clouds

Looking to integrate any other S3 compatible cloud with your infrastructure? We can help with that too. 

By leveraging our gateway solutions, you can integrate any S3 compatible cloud of your choice with your infrastructure. 

Got questions about cloud integration and setup? We’ve got the answers!

Cloud Backup & DR Bundles

(includes backup software)

Veeam backup to Azure

Leverage Veeam’s enterprise backup software to protect your mission-critical workloads and store your backups in Microsoft Azure cloud (or Azure government cloud).

In the event of a disaster, use Veeam’s direct restore to Azure to recover quickly in Azure while your primary production environment is being repaired.

Note: WORM repositories are supported. 

Veeam replication to private cloud

Setup real-time replication of mission-critical workloads using Veeam cloud connect replication license and store replicas in private cloud storage repositories. 

In the event of a disaster, you can directly spin up your VMs in the cloud to restore operations quickly. 

CDR365 – Online backup solution

Backup your desktops, physical servers, VMs, and databases and store data in Azure, AWS, or other S3 clouds. 

Less expensive SMB-friendly cloud backup solution. 

Veeam backup to AWS S3

Leverage Veeam’s enterprise backup software to protect your mission-critical workloads and store your backups in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. 

Configure WORM repositories to ensure compliance or use S3-IA to store old backup data and archives. 

Veeam cloud connect backup & replication

Combine Veeam cloud connect backup and replication with public and private clouds to setup a complete backup & DR solution. 

Use Veeam cloud connect backup to create and store backup data in Azure, AWS, or other S3 clouds. 

Use Veeam cloud connect replication to create real-time replicas in private cloud and spin up directly in the cloud, in the event of a disaster. 

Veeam backup for Office 365

Microsoft only ensures the availability of Office 365 data. This means that the data security and protection of your data is your responsibility. To help with that, you can get Veeam backup for Office 365. 

Veeam backup for office 365 is a standalone product and does not require Veaem enterprise licenses. 

Note: Azure, AWS, other S3, and local storage repositories supported.

Which one works best for you? Don’t know the answer? We can help!