Data Migration Services

NAS migration software & live VM migration DTDs

Disruption-free migration! 

NAS Migration Software

Effortlessly migrate your NFS or CIFS/SMB to target NAS appliances via Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) using a light-weight NAS migration software. 

The software also enables you to setup automated checks and replication jobs to transfer newly created NAS data. It also faciltiates scheduled replication jobs for use-cases where you’re looking to have the transfer done during the weekend. 

Live VM Migration DTDs 

(VMware only)

Migrate your live VMware VMs without having to turn them off from one VMware environment to the other. 

The solution includes a certified VMware plugin and data transfer devices (DTDs). Your VMware environment automatically detects the DTDs and the plugin easily copies the VMs to the DTDs. 

The DTDs are then shipped to the target VMware appliances where the plugin offloads the VMs to the target servers. Finally, the newly written data is transferred over the wire and synced. 

Switch over can be done automatically or manually to complete the seamless live VM migration process. 

Looking to migrate your data but don’t want to lose anything in the process? We can help!