Video Surveillance Storage

Affordable  Video Manageent Engines (VMEs), client workstations, IP surveillance storage systems, & fanless PC servers

Video Management Engines (VMEs)

Standalone gateway appliances for IP video surveillance footage management available in 1U or 2U rackmounts.

Manage thousands of cameras & robust security systems effortlessly! 

IP Video Surveillance Storage

Highly scalable, cost-effective, and secure storage systems for IP video surveillance footage.

Store hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of video footage on-premises – reduce TCOs and improve ROIs. 

Video surveillance storage systems are available in tower and rackmount with support for enterprise SSDs and SAS. 

Note: Cloud connect to Azure, AWS, and other S3 clouds is also supported. 

Clients & Video Workstations

Complete video workstation and viewing center with support for multiple output screens, thousands of cameras, and petabytes of storage capacity; and built-in cloud connect. 

The workstations are built to enhance your security systems, ensure security of your surveillance footage, and deliver the best value-for-money experience in the market. 

Fanless PC Servers

Connect your surveillance system to the cloud with high performance cloud-enabled fanless PC servers. 

Store hundreds of terabytes to petabytes of video data in the cloud of your choice and archive for years. 

Simplify compliance, reduce costs, and retain data for as long as you need to – without maintaining large storage arrays!

Need a complete storage solution for your IP surveillance videos? We can help!